Alec Eberts is the co-author of Runaway Alien,  a science fiction novel  for kids ages 8-12.  A lot of readers have sent emails with questions about Alec so we hope this interview provides some answers.  You can send additional questions and comments by using the contact form here.


Interviewer:  What grade are you in now?

Alec:  I just finished the 6th grade.  In Texas, middle school is 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  So next school year (August 2014) I’ll be in the 7th grade.  Hooray!


Interviewer:   What are your favorite subjects?

Alec:  Math


Interviewer:   What are your hobbies?

Alec:  I like playing online games.  I started when I was three or four playing ToonTown.  I used to play lots of Wizard 101, but I got tired of it.  Currently Minecraft is my favorite.  I really like playing with my cousins and my sister.  We all get on the same Minecraft server and Skype together.  I also like basketball and football.  For mental games, I like chess.  Someday I also want to learn how to play the guitar and 5-string banjo.


Interviewer:   How many books do you read in a month?

Alec:  It varies.  On the average I read about three or four books a month.


Interviewer:  What kind of books do you like to read?

Alec:   I read adventure, humorous, science fiction, and just about anything that interests me at the time.  A couple of my favorites are Where the Red Fern Grows and Boy At The End Of The World.  I also like the early Dean Koontz books.


Interviewer:  Do you have a favorite character in your first book, Runaway Alien?

Alec:  I like them all, but I think Tommy is my favorite.  He’s funny and quirky and obsessed with his trumpet.  He’s also a loyal friend.


Interviewer:  Is there anything you would change if you had to rewrite the first book?

Alec:  I would probably give Dee Dawn Steel a bigger role.  She has a lot to offer and she is fun to write about.   That’s why she plays a major part of our second book, Runaway Alien: Time Tunnel.


Interviewer: Speaking of Runaway Alien: Time Tunnel, how do you think it compares to the first book?

Alec:  I had a lot of fun with the first book and I was satisfied the way it turned out, but I think Runaway Alien: Time Tunnel is a better book.  A lot of girls who read the first book commented that we should have a girl in the next, so we did.   Instead of creating a new character,  Dee Dawn Steele seemed perfect the way she was.   I love time travel stories so when Hawk and Tommy discovered the time portal in the first book, I knew what I wanted the second book to be about.


Interviewer: You just said, “… when Hawk and Tommy discovered the time portal in the first book,  I knew what I wanted the second book to be about”.  It almost sounds as though you have to write the book to find out what’s going to happen in it.

Alec:  We have a general idea what the plot is going to be and a rough outline before we start writing.  However, when we begin, the book actually writes itself, we don’t what the details are going to be for each chapter.  Sometimes in the middle of the chapter, we joke that we can’t wait to see what happens next.


Interviewer:  Thanks for answering our questions.

Alec:  You’re welcome.