Childrens book ages 8-12Dee Dawn Steele was a character in the first book, Runaway Alien.  She had a small part but we liked her so much we brought her forward as one of the main characters in Runaway Alien: Time Tunnel.

Just as Harry Potter has Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, our main character Hawk has Tommy and Dee Dawn.  These three make for a much more interesting book in Runaway Alien: Time Tunnel.

Here is Chapter 2 from the new book in its entirety.  This chapter introduces Dee Dawn Steele to the readers.

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The following is an excerpt from Runaway Alien: Time Tunnel which will be released August 2014


Dee Dawn Steele was bored.

On Saturdays there was usually plenty to keep her busy, but today she had nothing to do. She had planned on helping her dad rebuild a motor in an old car, but the guy who owned it said he couldn’t afford to have it fixed because his wife had spent all their money on a pet monkey for her mother’s birthday.

Dee Dawn stretched out on her bed, clasped her hands behind her head and studied the ceiling.
Sometimes if she squinted just right she could see weird looking animals and ugly people in the water stains on her ceiling. She squinted and blinked and crossed her eyes, but she saw no people and no animals, just a lot of brown stains and one odd shape that looked like a tooth.

The tooth stain gave her an idea. She stuck a finger in her mouth and wriggled each of her top teeth. Finding no loose ones, she checked the bottom row, but every tooth there was tightly embedded in its socket.

She sighed and said aloud to herself, “Well, Mr. Pliers, no work for you today.”

Too bad her mother was home; otherwise she could play with the Secret Box she kept hidden beneath two loose boards in her closet. No one knew about the Secret Box. Not even her mom or dad. She only got the Secret Box out to play with she was positive no one would see her. There was nothing wrong in playing with the box, except if anyone ever found out; it would be humiliating for Dee Dawn and her reputation would be ruined.

Pushing the Secret Box from her thoughts, Dee Dawn rolled over and grabbed the TV remote from the bedside stand, clicked on the TV, and scrolled through the TV guide.

Nothing on TV but stupid kids shows. The good stuff, like Strong Arm Gator Girls and Wild Women Wrestlers, didn’t come on until later that night.

She got up, went to the full-length mirror that hung on her closet door and flexed her muscles. Satisfied with what she saw, she glanced out the window at the sidewalk in front of her house. A dog barked from somewhere down the block, then a redheaded kid glided down the sidewalk on a scooter. Too bad he was only about six or seven.  If he was a little older, she might have ran outside and challenged the kid to a fight.

That old hungry feeling stirred in her stomach, a sign that meant she needed to kick someone’s butt.  She hadn’t had a fight in over a month. Or least she hadn’t had a good fight in over a month. You could hardly call her mix up with Freddy Hornsby a fight. He was two years older than her, and outweighed her by thirty pounds, but she gave him a bloody nose that sent him running home to mommy.

As she was staring out the window, two kids from her class walked past — Tommy and the new kid, Robert Dexter. She liked Tommy but she wasn’t sure how she felt about Miss Birdie’s nephew, Robert, who was visiting from France.

Both guys were wearing backpacks. Maybe they were going camping or hiking? Probably headed to Creepy Woods.

For the past week, Dee Dawn had noticed something strange going on between Tommy, Hawk, and the Dexter kid. They were always whispering at recess and acting suspicious. She tried to find out what they were up to, but whenever she came near them, they stopped talking and pretended to be playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Dee Dawn suspected they might be plotting to ambush her after school. She wasn’t worried, just curious what they were up to.

Thinking they might not be so secretive around someone else, she threatened to beat up Ralph Dinkleton if he didn’t spy for her. So far he’d found out nothing useful. In fact, he told her something she didn’t want to hear. He said that Bubba Bronson liked her and wanted to be her boyfriend but was afraid to ask.

Just thinking about the feelings that Bubba Bronson might have for her made Dee Dawn snort in disgust. She made a mental note to beat up Bubba Bronson the next time she saw him. She would make him take it back that he liked her; maybe even make him say he hated her.

There were a few times she thought about picking a fight with Robert Dexter just to see how tough he was. But she never did. Like all good fighters, she could sense both weakness and strength in people. Dexter didn’t look like a tough guy but there was something about the look in his eyes, or maybe it was the way he walked that made her unsure about him. Once she had punched him on the shoulder pretending she had done it to be friendly. Her fist had hurt for a week afterward. It felt like the kid had shoulders of steel.

She watched Tommy and Robert Dexter as they approached the corner.  It was important  to see if they turned or went straight. When they turned the corner she knew where they were going — to Hawk’s house.

Dee Dawn decided to follow. Hawk’s house was only three blocks away, but she made sure to stay far enough behind so they didn’t see her.

When they got there, she expected them to knock on the front door. Instead, they went around the side of the house into the backyard.

Dee Dawn waited a few minutes, then crept along the side of the house. She peeked around the corner just in time to see Tommy and Robert going into a small wooden shed that looked like a clubhouse.

Her heart pounding, she waited a few minutes, trying to figure out her next move. She studied the shed. It was only about twenty feet away. There was an empty box directly beneath a small side window. If she stood on the box and looked in the window, then she might be able to hear what the guys were saying.

Just as Dee Dawn was ready to make a dash for the shed, she heard the back door open and saw Hawk run across the yard to the shed. He was also wearing a backpack.

Her brain raced. Why would three guys wearing backpacks meet in such a tiny shed?

Abandoning caution, she ran for the shed, determined to find out what was the heck was going on.